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A Fool with a Tool is Still a Fool

Self Service Business Intelligence

All of us want to be empowered in our jobs and in our lives. As a society, we have become overwhelmingly enabled to do our own thing. We generate billions of online transactions instead of driving to the store. We wiped out most of the travel agency industry with sites like Expedia and Travelocity. We do most of our banking online or through a smart phone app.

In a ground-breaking report in 2012, Forrester Research analyst, Boris Evelson, said simply, “BI is unlike any other enterprise software in that exhibits a paradox: The more BI requirements you implement, the more new ones pile up.  Relying too heavily on IT-centric BI support models is not sustainable.”

It makes sense that business users would want to do their own analytics and business intelligence (BI) without a lot of IT intervention and support?  But how is it going out in the real world?  I recently asked for some self-service BI success stories through several active LinkedIn™ Groups, and the responses were interesting and high volume.  Practitioner quotes are used with permission.

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