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Who We Are

StatSlice is a strategic data services consulting firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas specializing in data warehousing and business analytics. Strategic data services include the skills, processes, technologies, applications, and practices used to support business decision-making. We have built a highly dedicated consulting organization with a reputation for excellent customer service and measurable success in implementation. We hire top talent and promote an environment that encourages resourcefulness, innovation, and creativity without sacrificing measurable results. We stay on the cutting edge of the latest Business Intelligence (BI) challenges and principles to be the “go-to” team for the most challenging projects.

Company History

StatSlice Systems was founded in September of 2006. The company’s vision emphasizes a strong hands-on approach with clients combined with a passionate compliance with key Business Intelligence implementation principles. StatSlice was built with the distinct purpose of rapidly implementing high impact yet cost effective BI solutions that significantly increase the profit potential of their clients. We have experienced steady growth every year since our inception by building and fostering strong relationships, leveraging existing relationships within our industry and community, and providing an innovative and employee-centric environment that attracts high caliber talent and delivering work that meets and surpasses our clients’ expectations.

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