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Our Management Team

Bernard Wehbe, Founding Partner

As Co-Founder of StatSlice Systems, Bernard Wehbe has contributed to the company’s success through his emphasis on a hands-on, consultative approach coupled with his passion for high impact, innovative BI solutions significantly increasing client revenue and profit.

Mr. Wehbe is responsible for operational strategy, account management and the management of day-to-day company activities. Mr. Wehbe is highly sought after for his level of expertise and serves as the lead technical architect over key accounts.

Mr. Wehbe has been actively involved in the growth and leadership of StatSlice since its inception. He brings clients over twelve years of consulting experience focused exclusively on data warehousing and business intelligence. His experience includes data warehousing architecture, OLAP, data modeling, ETL, reporting, business analysis, team leadership, and project management. His business systems expertise includes but is not limited to Consulting Services, Financial Services, Retail, Transportation, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Online Subscription. Prior to founding StatSlice, Bernard served as a Technical Architect for Hitachi Consulting and The Sabre Group.

Mr. Wehbe received a Bachelor of Science as well as a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering & Management from Oklahoma State University.

Mr. Wehbe’s hobbies include spending time with friends and family, bike riding, jogging and cooking. He also has an interest in history, enjoys watching documentaries and traveling across the world, learning about new cultures and their history. Other interests include studying designs and manufacturing production and real estate investments.

Jared Decker, Founding Partner

As Co-Founder of StatSlice Systems, Inc., Jared Decker has contributed to the success of the company through a combination of ensuring excellence in project implementations and sales effectiveness.

Mr. Decker prides himself on his approach to customer satisfaction with an uncompromising focus on quality, consistency, long-term relationships and value-added service to clients. Mr. Decker is responsible for business development as well as account management. In keeping with the hands-on emphasis of StatSlice, Mr. Decker is lead technical architect over key accounts and has multiple years of experience teaching business intelligence and database classes to IT professionals and presenting at seminars on business intelligence topics.

Mr. Decker has over twelve years of experience in the IT industry and eight years of consulting experience focused exclusively on data warehousing and business intelligence. He has been instrumental in the successful delivery of several such projects, enabling organizations to achieve improved operational effectiveness through the timely availability of critical decision-making information. His breadth of experience entails everything from business data analysis through design and system implementation. Mr. Decker has experience in a wide variety of industries including Real Estate, Capital Management, Telecommunications, Business Services/Consulting, Hospitality and Transportation. Prior to founding StatSlice, Jared was a Sr. Consultant for Hitachi Consulting and led several large BI implementations.

Mr. Decker received a B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Tampa and an M.B.A. from the University of Houston. In addition to his formal education, Mr. Decker holds several technical certifications related to database and corporate performance management systems.

Mr. Decker’s hobbies and interests include playing classical and Spanish guitar, taking a spin on his motorcycle, or running and biking. Cooking and grilling at home are also favorite pastimes. Mr. Decker also enjoys data analysis activities in his free time and participates in several forums, including the International Trade Data Users Group and the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals.

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