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Webinar: Building a B2B Analytics Portal with Tableau

In this webinar, James Vogel and Bernard Wehbe show you how to use Tableau to quickly build a custom B2B analytics portal to serve your client’s reporting needs over the internet.

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Big Data Needs More Than Hadoop

Last month, there was interesting article published by Chris Kanaracus on The author quotes Ken Rudin, Facebook Analytics Chief, talking about how Big Data needs more than Hadoop. It is always interesting to read about the practices of successful organizations that have to deal with large amounts of data. In his article, Rudin talked […]

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Analyzing Direct Marketing Campaign Results on a Budget

Analyzing the results of a direct marketing campaign presents special challenges when your customers’ contact data in your company’s source system does not follow the United States Postal Service (USPS) standardized format. How do you deal with this problem when you are trying to answer questions about your direct marketing campaign and stay on a budget? I […]

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Big SQL Analytics: Redshift Webinar Q&A Summary

I recently conducted a webinar on Redshift as part of our Big SQL tools investigation series. At the end of the webinar, we had some pretty interesting questions and answers. I thought it would be a good idea to summarize the audience feedback in a blog. It would be helpful to view the webinar before […]

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Big SQL Analytics: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Today, analytics have become mainstream in the majority of organizations. Moreover, most of the analytics and data warehousing implementations have been built using traditional relational database platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2. As data volumes grow larger and more data sources come online, organizations are hitting the limits of these traditional platforms leading them […]

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Big Data: Is It Just Another Big Hype?

In the May/June 2013 edition of Enterprise Executive magazine, Bernard Wehbe, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of StatSlice Systems, published an interesting article in regards to Big Data.  Is Big Data something businesses should pay close attention to, or is it just another big hype?  To read the full article click here.

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Information Singularity and the Principles of the Analytics Rock Star

What makes an analytics system great? Great design, quality code, strong business sponsorship, accurate requirements, good project management, and thorough testing are some of the obvious requirements for successful analytics systems. As a professional in the field, you must be able to do these things well since they form the foundation of a good implementation. This is good enough for most people but not good enough for you—if you want to be in high demand and help your organization overcome its critical challenges.

Successful analytics professionals should follow a set of guiding principles. These very important principles are often missed by traditional methodologies. In this whitepaper you will learn about these principles that, once implemented, can make you an analytics rock star in your organization and increase your worth in the marketplace.

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BI for the Right Side of the Brain

Earlier this year at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit on March 19, 2013, Donald Farmer,VP of Product Management at QlikTech, delivered a presentation discussing the enigmatic human side of BI. He suggests that BI contains an emotional and intuitive aspect that enables users to back decisions by exploring instincts.

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