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Business Intelligence Predictions For 2014

I recently read a post on Forbes by Prakash Nanduri in which he made his 5 predictions for Business Intelligence in 2014. I really enjoyed this article, and I think most of his points are dead-on. In general, Prakash talks about the fact that BI is no longer a new science, and we are going to […]

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Webinar: Big SQL Analytics – Cloudera Using Impala

On October 22, Brett Neuman, Manager Consultant at StatSlice Systems, presented a webinar on Cloudera using Impala as part of our series on Big SQL Analytics. This webinar was recorded and is available below. This webinar is the third video in our series on Big SQL Analytics, and it covers the results of our Cloudera […]

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Big SQL Analytics – Cloudera Using Impala

This is an overview of the webinar on Cloudera using Impala presented by Brett Neuman on October 22, 2013. For more information on this webinar, click here to view the video or continue reading to below. Overview In this webinar, Brett gives you an overview of Cloudera’s Impala platform and how you can use it […]

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Is Your Job Really In Jeopardy?

In few a short years, your job will be obsolete. We’ve all seen messages like that. It seems that every few years we get a rush of news stories about how the latest trends in technology are going to put us all out of business.  The media loves to sensationalize the notion that one day […]

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Slowly Changing Dimensions in SSIS

One of the most critical pieces of any data warehouse is how you handle dimensions. Most dimension tables are modeled differently than fact tables because dimension records change more slowly than fact records. During a daily load, you may only have a single column that changes on one dimension record, but you will undoubtedly have […]

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Webinar: Microsoft’s New GeoFlow Tool For Excel

On June 25, Brett Neuman, Manager Consultant at StatSlice Systems, delivered an exciting new webinar with a preview of Microsoft’s new GeoFlow tool for Excel. Included below are the links to download the GeoFlow Demo, GeoFlow plugin for Microsoft Excel, video of the cinematic tour, and the full webinar video in case you missed it. […]

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Self-Service Dashboards in Excel 2013

Power View has been around as a feature in Microsoft Office Excel since they released Office 2010, but in order to use it, you had to have SharePoint 2010 available to you. Now, with the release of Office 2013, Power View can be used without a server component. This means that you can take advantage of the easy reporting capabilities of Power View by using your own Excel Spreadsheet data.

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