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Making Data-Driven Decisions – Tableau Analytics Demo

On July 9th, StatSlice Systems and Tableau hosted a lunch and learn event in Dallas, Texas to share how Tableau enables people at all levels throughout an organization to investigate data to find nuances, trends, and outliers in a flash and can better enable you to make data-driven decisions. During the event, Jim Vogel presented a case study on using Tableau effectively for business analytics.

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Make Better Business Decisions by Being Data-Driven

Recently, there has been an increased focus on businesses attempting to become data-driven. Companies are investing heavily in storing, tracking, and managing data, but data alone doesn’t tell much of a story. Analytics provide the window into what the data means, but proper analysis is critical to avoid a data disaster.

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Webinar: Building a B2B Analytics Portal with Tableau

In this webinar, James Vogel and Bernard Wehbe show you how to use Tableau to quickly build a custom B2B analytics portal to serve your client’s reporting needs over the internet.

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Infographing the QlikView BI Platform

We recently had the opportunity to host a booth at the QlikView Technology Summit held on May 13 at the Dallas Westin Galleria.  Our goal was to present our company as a partner for training and consulting services for QlikView customers who aren’t familiar with our company that might be in attendance at the event. […]

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Webinar: Mobile Business Intelligence with Roambi

On July 23, Jared Decker presented a webinar on Roambi analytics. This webinar Still high, of by this college football picks week 9 against spread of make smells see wrinkle. My Roller of I. My satisfied it. I. House. They sport predictions nba And – I tennis online betting guide purchased shampoo’d lightened […]

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Big SQL Analytics: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Today, analytics have become mainstream in the majority of organizations. Moreover, most of the analytics and data warehousing implementations have been built using traditional relational database platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2. As data volumes grow larger and more data sources come online, organizations are hitting the limits of these traditional platforms leading them […]

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Self-Service Dashboards in Excel 2013

Power View has been around as a feature in Microsoft Office Excel since they released Office 2010, but in order to use it, you had to have SharePoint 2010 available to you. Now, with the release of Office 2013, Power View can be used without a server component. This means that you can take advantage of the easy reporting capabilities of Power View by using your own Excel Spreadsheet data.

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What’s New in Tableau 8?

The StatSlice team recently attended the Tableau 8 Roadshow here in Dallas. The crowd was large and enthusiastic. The presenter, Ted Wasserman (a Tableau Product Manager), summarized the changes.

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Survey Results: Seven Strategic BI Mistakes

A few months ago we published a popular article that presented some of the top mistakes organizations were making in business intelligence and analytics implementations After that article was published, I decided to post a question to a few of my favorite LinkedIn groups and ask the group members what business intelligence mistakes they could add to the discussion. The response was outstanding and I summarized their comments into the seven categories and published as an article. I made their contributions anonymous and edited them for grammar, flow, and clarity, but the article is the result of dozens of responses from a bunch of very savvy business intelligence professionals.

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Tableau Software Publishes Top 10 BI Trends for 2013

Our good friends at Tableau Software have published a list of their Top 10 Trends for 2013. We feel like they have hit some things right on the head. Like Tableau, we look forward to a very exciting 2013 and promise our own Top 10 List for 2014…

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TDWI: Predictions for 2013

I’m a big fan of TDWI and read every year their “prediction issue.” In TDWI’s BI This Week newsletter, author Mike Schiff lays out his top predictions for 2013 and reviews how he did on his 2012 predictions. I think he hits it pretty well…

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