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Enabling SSIS Packages On Demand

In work with a current client, they required that the execution and processing of certain packages to be configurable via a web interface.  In my case, I wanted to proactively enable/disable the importing of certain data sources.  If a source system goes down or is in maintenance mode, I need to be able to shut […]

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Slowly Changing Dimensions in SSIS

One of the most critical pieces of any data warehouse is how you handle dimensions. Most dimension tables are modeled differently than fact tables because dimension records change more slowly than fact records. During a daily load, you may only have a single column that changes on one dimension record, but you will undoubtedly have […]

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Executing an SSIS Package Based on a Variable

On my current client, I’m using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and SSIS, Integration Services. I’m updating the data warehouse fact tables every hour, but there is a fact table that only needs to be updated once per day. This is mainly because Is able a it’s art long. It’s nba tip off 2014 me. […]

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Infographing the QlikView BI Platform

We recently had the opportunity to host a booth at the QlikView Technology Summit held on May 13 at the Dallas Westin Galleria.  Our goal was to present our company as a partner for training and consulting services for QlikView customers who aren’t familiar with our company that might be in attendance at the event. […]

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Big SQL Analytics: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Today, analytics have become mainstream in the majority of organizations. Moreover, most of the analytics and data warehousing implementations have been built using traditional relational database platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2. As data volumes grow larger and more data sources come online, organizations are hitting the limits of these traditional platforms leading them […]

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Leveraging Google Docs with SSIS

I’m going to show you how to access data from a Google Doc spreadsheet in SSIS so you can dump it to a table or use it in your ETL processing. The idea for this came about when I had some metadata that needed to be updated by the client fairly regularly.

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