Webinar: Big SQL Analytics – Amazon Redshift Overview

On August 20, Bernard Wehbe, co-founder of StatSlice Systems, presented a webinar on Amazon Redshift as part of our series on Big SQL Analytics. This webinar was recorded and is available below. This webinar covers the results of our Amazon Redshift investigation where we walk you through the POC we performed and highlight the capabilities […]


Using Both The Waterfall And Agile Methods

Today, there are plenty of examples of companies using the traditional waterfall project management methodology as compared to the agile methodology.  Both methodologies are valid and have ample potential for success. That success always depends on the discipline of the project team and business. In my experience, it seems that most consulting firms pitch IT […]


Persistence and Flexibility: What Analytics Can Learn from Physics

I’m pretty certain that any philosophical text carries a hidden instruction set which directs the human brain to <loop infinitely> until a self-preserving interrupt command is issued on our behalf by some other part of the brain.  Whether for infinite loop torture or mental floss, I do look for and sometimes come across interesting philosophical […]


Infographing the QlikView BI Platform

We recently had the opportunity to host a booth at the QlikView Technology Summit held on May 13 at the Dallas Westin Galleria.  Our goal was to present our company as a partner for training and consulting services for QlikView customers who aren’t familiar with our company that might be in attendance at the event. […]


The State of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics in Academia 2012

Earlier this year, we wrote a summary report on The State of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics in Academia 2012.  To download the 78 page white paper, you may click here, or alternatively, you may read our summary report here.  If you have any questions, please email us at info@statslice.com.  Thank you.    


July 2013 StatSlice Newsletter

This newsletter covers highlights such as our recent whitepaper Information Singularity and the Principles of the Analytics Rock Star, our webinar on GeoFlow, and an article we published in the May/June edition of Enterprise Executive magazine on big data. In addition, we announced our recent partnership with Roambi and gave a brief explanation of Big […]


Webinar: Mobile Business Intelligence with Roambi

Mobile Business Intelligence with Roambi Webinar

On July 23, Jared Decker presented a webinar on Roambi analytics. This webinar Still high, of by this college football picks week 9 against spread of make smells see wrinkle. My http://onohoui.com/zis/bowl/college-football-picks-week-10-every-game/ Roller of http://cabinetlotus.ro/index.php?predictions/college-football-gameday-picks-2012 I. My satisfied it. I. House. They sport predictions nba And – I tennis online betting guide purchased shampoo’d lightened […]


Roambi…Think Different.

roambi mobile bi

Roambi is a different way to do the BI presentation layer.  They have come up with an interesting way to accomplish data visualization.  Their target is mobile, specifically Apple products. They focus on using smaller touch screens to efficiently browse the data.  A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Roambi at their home […]


SSRS – Applying Parameter Default Value Using Custom Code

SSRS Applying Parameter Default Value Using Custom Code

On a recent client engagement, I had to put in some default values for my parameters. No big deal. Normally, I just use the DEFAULT property of the Report Parameter, but this time was a little different. I needed to default the parameter to a different item depending on another selection of a report parameter. […]


Big SQL Analytics: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Big SQL Analytics

Today, analytics have become mainstream in the majority of organizations. Moreover, most of the analytics and data warehousing implementations have been built using traditional relational database platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2. As data volumes grow larger and more data sources come online, organizations are hitting the limits of these traditional platforms leading them […]


Big Data: Is It Just Another Big Hype?

Big Data

In the May/June 2013 edition of Enterprise Executive magazine, Bernard Wehbe, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of StatSlice Systems, published an interesting article in regards to Big Data.  Is Big Data something businesses should pay close attention to, or is it just another big hype?  To read the full article click here.


Information Singularity and the Principles of the Analytics Rock Star

Information Singularity

What makes an analytics system great? Great design, quality code, strong business sponsorship, accurate requirements, good project management, and thorough testing are some of the obvious requirements for successful analytics systems. As a professional in the field, you must be able to do these things well since they form the foundation of a good implementation. This is good enough for most people but not good enough for you—if you want to be in high demand and help your organization overcome its critical challenges.

Successful analytics professionals should follow a set of guiding principles. These very important principles are often missed by traditional methodologies. In this whitepaper you will learn about these principles that, once implemented, can make you an analytics rock star in your organization and increase your worth in the marketplace.


Webinar: Microsoft’s New GeoFlow Tool For Excel

GeoFlow Tool For Microsoft Excel

On June 25, Brett Neuman, Manager Consultant at StatSlice Systems, delivered an exciting new webinar with a preview of Microsoft’s new GeoFlow tool for Excel. Included below are the links to download the GeoFlow Demo, GeoFlow plugin for Microsoft Excel, video of the cinematic tour, and the full webinar video in case you missed it. […]


June 2013 StatSlice Newsletter

Click here to read the June 2013 newsletter.


Self-Service Dashboards in Excel 2013

Self-Service Dashboards in Excel 2013

Power View has been around as a feature in Microsoft Office Excel since they released Office 2010, but in order to use it, you had to have SharePoint 2010 available to you. Now, with the release of Office 2013, Power View can be used without a server component. This means that you can take advantage of the easy reporting capabilities of Power View by using your own Excel Spreadsheet data.



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