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Making Data-Driven Decisions with Tableau & StatSlice

Join Tableau and StatSlice on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 for a lunch and learn event in Plano, Texas at the Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center to hear how Tableau enables people at all levels throughout an organization to investigate data to find nuances, trends, and outliers in a flash and can better enable you […]

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Make Better Business Decisions by Being Data-Driven

Recently, there has been an increased focus on businesses attempting to become data-driven. Companies are investing heavily in storing, tracking, and managing data, but data alone doesn’t tell much of a story. Analytics provide the window into what the data means, but proper analysis is critical to avoid a data disaster.

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Making Data-Driven Decisions Event in Dallas, TX

Join Tableau and StatSlice on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 for a lunch and learn event in Dallas, Texas at the Hotel Palomar to hear how Tableau enables people at all levels throughout an organization to investigate data to find nuances, trends, and outliers in a flash and can better enable you to make data-driven decisions. […]

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Excel at Data Mining – Your First Predictions

Today, I’m going to show how to start making your first predictions in less than 5 minutes with the Microsoft Excel data mining add-in. In this example, we will create a set of predictions for new customers using a Logistic Regression models based upon old customers.

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Excel at Data Mining – Time Series Forecasting

Today, I’m going to show you how to start data mining in less than 5 minutes with the Microsoft Excel data mining add-in. In this example, we will create a forecasting model that will predict the trend of bikes sales in different regions.

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Webinar: Building a B2B Analytics Portal with Tableau

In this webinar, James Vogel and Bernard Wehbe show you how to use Tableau to quickly build a custom B2B analytics portal to serve your client’s reporting needs over the internet.

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Business Intelligence Predictions For 2014

I recently read a post on Forbes by Prakash Nanduri in which he made his 5 predictions for Business Intelligence in 2014. I really enjoyed this article, and I think most of his points are dead-on. In general, Prakash talks about the fact that BI is no longer a new science, and we are going to […]

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Tableau 8.1 Released

Last week, Tableau released a fairly large update to its software platform. I just wanted to take some time to point out some of the larger changes that make Tableau even more useful to the business now. First, they have released R integration. This is a huge upgrade to Tableau’s predictive and statistical capabilities. Before […]

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Roambi Analytics 7 Released

To match the new look and feel of iOS7, Roambi recently released a new version of its analytics app Roambi Analytics 7. Though I’m a bit late with this post given the release was a month ago (October), there are some points that are very much worth sharing. This release has been dubbed a “visual […]

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Webinar: Big SQL Analytics – Amazon Redshift with Tableau

On September 24, James Vogel, Senior Consultant at StatSlice Systems, presented a webinar on the Amazon Redshift connector for Tableau as part of our series on Big SQL Analytics. This webinar was recorded and is available below. In this webinar, we walk you through connecting Tableau to Redshift and pulling in a large data set […]

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Infographing the QlikView BI Platform

We recently had the opportunity to host a booth at the QlikView Technology Summit held on May 13 at the Dallas Westin Galleria.  Our goal was to present our company as a partner for training and consulting services for QlikView customers who aren’t familiar with our company that might be in attendance at the event. […]

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Webinar: Mobile Business Intelligence with Roambi

On July 23, Jared Decker presented a webinar on Roambi analytics. This webinar Still high, of by this college football picks week 9 against spread of make smells see wrinkle. My Roller of I. My satisfied it. I. House. They sport predictions nba And – I tennis online betting guide purchased shampoo’d lightened […]

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Roambi…Think Different.

Roambi is a different way to do the BI presentation layer.  They have come up with an interesting way to accomplish data visualization.  Their target is mobile, specifically Apple products. They focus on using smaller touch screens to efficiently browse the data.  A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Roambi at their home […]

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Big SQL Analytics: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Today, analytics have become mainstream in the majority of organizations. Moreover, most of the analytics and data warehousing implementations have been built using traditional relational database platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2. As data volumes grow larger and more data sources come online, organizations are hitting the limits of these traditional platforms leading them […]

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Webinar: Microsoft’s New GeoFlow Tool For Excel

On June 25, Brett Neuman, Manager Consultant at StatSlice Systems, delivered an exciting new webinar with a preview of Microsoft’s new GeoFlow tool for Excel. Included below are the links to download the GeoFlow Demo, GeoFlow plugin for Microsoft Excel, video of the cinematic tour, and the full webinar video in case you missed it. […]

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