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Making Data-Driven Decisions with Tableau & StatSlice

Join Tableau and StatSlice on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 for a lunch and learn event in Plano, Texas at the Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center to hear how Tableau enables people at all levels throughout an organization to investigate data to find nuances, trends, and outliers in a flash and can better enable you […]

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Make Better Business Decisions by Being Data-Driven

Recently, there has been an increased focus on businesses attempting to become data-driven. Companies are investing heavily in storing, tracking, and managing data, but data alone doesn’t tell much of a story. Analytics provide the window into what the data means, but proper analysis is critical to avoid a data disaster.

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Making Data-Driven Decisions Event in Dallas, TX

Join Tableau and StatSlice on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 for a lunch and learn event in Dallas, Texas at the Hotel Palomar to hear how Tableau enables people at all levels throughout an organization to investigate data to find nuances, trends, and outliers in a flash and can better enable you to make data-driven decisions. […]

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Webinar: Building a B2B Analytics Portal with Tableau

In this webinar, James Vogel and Bernard Wehbe show you how to use Tableau to quickly build a custom B2B analytics portal to serve your client’s reporting needs over the internet.

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Business Intelligence Predictions For 2014

I recently read a post on Forbes by Prakash Nanduri in which he made his 5 predictions for Business Intelligence in 2014. I really enjoyed this article, and I think most of his points are dead-on. In general, Prakash talks about the fact that BI is no longer a new science, and we are going to […]

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Tableau 8.1 Released

Last week, Tableau released a fairly large update to its software platform. I just wanted to take some time to point out some of the larger changes that make Tableau even more useful to the business now. First, they have released R integration. This is a huge upgrade to Tableau’s predictive and statistical capabilities. Before […]

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Webinar: Big SQL Analytics – Amazon Redshift with Tableau

On September 24, James Vogel, Senior Consultant at StatSlice Systems, presented a webinar on the Amazon Redshift connector for Tableau as part of our series on Big SQL Analytics. This webinar was recorded and is available below. In this webinar, we walk you through connecting Tableau to Redshift and pulling in a large data set […]

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Webinar: Using the Connector for Google Analytics in Tableau 8

Tableau Software, Inc. has just released Tableau 8. In addition to exciting new data visualization features, Tableau 8 comes equipped with new native data connectors, including a connector for Google Analytics. With this new built-in functionality, Google’s expansive data store of website statistics can be analyzed with Tableau’s powerful data visualization capabilities.

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What’s New in Tableau 8?

The StatSlice team recently attended the Tableau 8 Roadshow here in Dallas. The crowd was large and enthusiastic. The presenter, Ted Wasserman (a Tableau Product Manager), summarized the changes.

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Tableau Dashboards Sourced from OLAP vs. a Relational Database: An Analysis

Seattle-based Tableau Software is widely recognized as one of the leading providers of data visualization products that focuses on Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA). Their systems help corporate users analyze, visualize and share information.

Tableau has been ranked by Gartner and IDC as one of the world’s fastest growing software companies. With a customer base of over 10,000 companies, and tens of thousands of people using Tableau to share data in their blogs and websites, they are a force in the BI world. There are other data visualization systems in the business intelligence market, but the purpose of this article is to specifically discuss Tableau dashboards sourced from Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) vs. Relational Database (RDB) sources.

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Tableau Software Publishes Top 10 BI Trends for 2013

Our good friends at Tableau Software have published a list of their Top 10 Trends for 2013. We feel like they have hit some things right on the head. Like Tableau, we look forward to a very exciting 2013 and promise our own Top 10 List for 2014…

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