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Case Studies

Cantex, Inc.

Cantex, Inc. is a national manufacturer serving the utility and building construction industry. In their market, no core competency is of higher importance than that of efficient and consistent production. The goal: combine strong production with effective sales and marketing—all while maintaining desired profit margins.

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Auto Industry Logistics Provider

This Michigan-based company provides supply chain management and logistical services for the automotive industry. Its activities include order fulfillment, inventory handling, processing, and enhancement. These services are supported by online data and product management systems that provide real-time inventory management to their clients. With annual revenues over $100 million, and over 200 employees, the company has achieved hard earned success over its 40 year history.

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International Theme Park Chain-Marketing Campaign

This large national theme park chain retained StatSlice to implement an enterprise-wide data warehouse. After initial success following the delivery of a Business Intelligence (BI) roadmap to the office of the CIO, the company wanted to improve their analysis of customer trends as they related to specific marketing campaigns. The existing reporting structure used by the marketing department had been outsourced off-site to another vendor which made it difficult for the development team to keep up with new enhancements.

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International Theme Park Chain-BI Roadmap

This large national theme park chain wanted to improve visibility into key performance aspects of their operations. The management team realized they were lacking a comprehensive reporting and analytics platform. They wanted detailed information from one access point as opposed to the complicated process of finding it through multiple points. This included insight into cash flow, revenues, and profitability across their highly-distributed business.

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Digital Realty Trust

Digital Realty Trust decided to build strategic “analytical reporting assets.” StatSlice was contacted to plan, design, and implement a new reporting system. They quickly realized benefits and have been pleased with the new BI platform that a full year’s new projects have been budgeted for. These new projects include new data views allowing more comprehensive forecasting, integrating the financials of different functions, and reducing the headache of too many spreadsheets.

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Online Credit Monitoring Company

This Texas-based company provides full-service online credit monitoring services to its customers by placing a customer’s personalized credit information at their fingertips. Founded in 2000, the company made its mark on the industry by offering education and tools so that their clients can make good decisions and take control of their financial health.

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