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Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts

For the first time, Excel is an integral part of the Microsoft BI stack – capable of integrating multiple data sources, defining relationships between data sources, processing analysis services cubes, and developing interactive dashboards that can be shared on the web. With these new tools, it’s becoming important for Excel analysts to expand their knowledge to include new skills, like database management, query design, data integration, multidimensional reporting, and a host of other practices.

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Big Data: Is It Just Another Big Hype?

In the May/June 2013 edition of Enterprise Executive magazine, Bernard Wehbe, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of StatSlice Systems, published an interesting article in regards to Big Data.  Is Big Data something businesses should pay close attention to, or is it just another big hype?  To read the full article click here.

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Information Singularity and the Principles of the Analytics Rock Star

What makes an analytics system great? Great design, quality code, strong business sponsorship, accurate requirements, good project management, and thorough testing are some of the obvious requirements for successful analytics systems. As a professional in the field, you must be able to do these things well since they form the foundation of a good implementation. This is good enough for most people but not good enough for you—if you want to be in high demand and help your organization overcome its critical challenges.

Successful analytics professionals should follow a set of guiding principles. These very important principles are often missed by traditional methodologies. In this whitepaper you will learn about these principles that, once implemented, can make you an analytics rock star in your organization and increase your worth in the marketplace.

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Hadoop Business Case: A Cost Effective Queryable Data Archive/Storage Platform

Big Data’s open source solution Hadoop is not just a super-sized database. Hadoop’s cost per terabyte is much less than high end data warehouse database server like Teradata and Oracle’s Exadata. Hadoop’s storage costs are also substantially less than many high and mid-level storage area network (SAN) solutions.

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Survey Results: Seven Strategic BI Mistakes

A few months ago we published a popular article that presented some of the top mistakes organizations were making in business intelligence and analytics implementations After that article was published, I decided to post a question to a few of my favorite LinkedIn groups and ask the group members what business intelligence mistakes they could add to the discussion. The response was outstanding and I summarized their comments into the seven categories and published as an article. I made their contributions anonymous and edited them for grammar, flow, and clarity, but the article is the result of dozens of responses from a bunch of very savvy business intelligence professionals.

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A Fool with a Tool is Still a Fool

It makes sense that business users would want to do their own analytics and business intelligence (BI) without a lot of IT intervention and support? But how is it going out in the real world? I recently asked for some self-service BI success stories through several active LinkedIn™ Groups, and the responses were interesting and high volume. My report from this informal discussion is now available. Practitioner quotes are used with permission.

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Summary of the new BI Congress survey: The State of BI/BA in Academia 2012

A good friend and associate over my years in this business has been Dr. Barbara Wixom, an associate professor of IT in the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and a research affiliate at the Center for Information Systems Research at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. She, along with several other academic leaders, and with sponsorship from several organizations, have just released a new research project entitled The State of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics in Academia 2012. The entire report is not yet available except through the sponsors, but Dr. Wixom forwarded me a copy and I would like to summarize what I think are some interesting findings.

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8 Principles That Can Make You an Analytics Rock Star

Bernard Wehbe, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of StatSlice Systems, was published on Feburary 6, 2013, in The Data Warehousing Institute’s (TDWI) BI This Week newsletter. The article gives you some guiding principles to make you an analytics rock star in your company.

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Help Wanted! Overcoming the Shortage of Business Intelligence and Analytic Professionals

Many Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics projects are in development and employment opportunities are plentiful. So, why are so few properly trained individuals available?

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Big Data in the Enterprise

When evaluating Big Data applications in enterprise computing, one often-asked question is how does Big Data compare to the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)? What does Big Data bring to the organization that the EDW cannot handle?

This article by Fred Zimmerman presents a technical and business discussion on the Big Data question. The technical discussion assumes familiarity with data architecture. The business discussion draws some conclusions about the actual application of Big Data in the enterprise.

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Tableau Dashboards Sourced from OLAP vs. a Relational Database: An Analysis

Seattle-based Tableau Software is widely recognized as one of the leading providers of data visualization products that focuses on Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA). Their systems help corporate users analyze, visualize and share information.

Tableau has been ranked by Gartner and IDC as one of the world’s fastest growing software companies. With a customer base of over 10,000 companies, and tens of thousands of people using Tableau to share data in their blogs and websites, they are a force in the BI world. There are other data visualization systems in the business intelligence market, but the purpose of this article is to specifically discuss Tableau dashboards sourced from Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) vs. Relational Database (RDB) sources.

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Some Hidden “Gotchas” of BI and Analytics

“Why didn’t we think of that earlier…?” It can happen in anything you do. If you’ve ever had a house built, it doesn’t take long to realize you would have done some things differently—especially after living in it a few years…

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Reducing the Risks in an Analytics Implementation

This insightful industry view offers several important concepts to help you avoid some risks when building an analytics solution. Topics include tool expectation issues, internal resistance to change, poor data quality, scope creep…

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Top Mistakes to Avoid in Analytics Implementations

Business analytics allow a company to make better decisions and just plain be smarter—but it has to be done the right way. This article talks about important factors in implementing analytic projects correctly—from picking the right dashboard…

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