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Making Data-Driven Decisions – Tableau Analytics Demo

On July 9th, StatSlice Systems and Tableau hosted a lunch and learn event in Dallas, Texas to share how Tableau enables people at all levels throughout an organization to investigate data to find nuances, trends, and outliers in a flash and can better enable you to make data-driven decisions. During the event, Jim Vogel presented a demo on using Tableau effectively for business analytics which you can view below. As an authority in the software and its uses and analytics expert, Jim was able to shed light on a number of useful benefits and their business use cases.

The event also included a special presentation from guest speaker Keith Jacobs of Luscinia Health who shared examples of how his business benefited from implementing Tableau as a driving force in their analytics practices. He shared how the decision revolutionized the way his company viewed and implemented their captured data and went on to help them make more profitable decisions backed by their better view of data, gaining notable business partnerships in the process.

Enabling data-driven decisions in an organization requires a holistic approach that incorporates process and technology improvements. A central component of this approach is an interactive, visual data discovery tool that makes it easy to build effective analytics. Requiring a technical expert to set up an analytics environment or write reports on your behalf just doesn’t cut it. This event was able to show the attendees how to pull their organization ahead by making better, data-driven decisions. To learn more about analytics solutions that can benefit you business practices, please feel free to contact us today.



James Vogel

James Vogel

James Vogel is a Senior Consultant at StatSlice Systems. With over 10 years of consulting experience, his current focus is on ETL development, data modeling, and end user reporting tools. Jim finds enjoyment in teaching and getting end users involved with their data and reporting systems. He presents demos and trains clients on the current BI tools that StatSlice offers. He is focused on the delivery of applications that drive business decisions that blend the use of OLAP, ETL, and custom development. Jim has worn many hats on projects, from technical advisor to lead developer to trainer.


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