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StatSlice has customers in many industries, including technology and internet, finance and accounting, capital management, marketing, entertainment, education, health care, manufacturing, and logistics.  Our consultants have experience in virtually every sector of the marketplace.  Their experience allows them to take on the most critical business analytics challenges and provide you with the solutions you want when you need them.  You can find more details about of some of our projects experience in our case studies section.

Because StatSlice is made up of highly dedicated consulting practitioners with a reputation for excellent results with measurable success in their implementations, we want to share their expertise in many different ways.  We select the best talent because we want their resourcefulness, innovation, creativity, and their desire to always on the cutting edge of the latest Business Intelligence and Business Analytics technologies, challenges, and principles.  We feel it is important to have them share some of those experiences and knowledge that can help you in your everyday work.  Please read more in our white papers, industry viewpoints, and webinars sections, and see our newsletters section for information on past events and discussions from our experts.





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