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Business Intelligence

Make better business decisions faster.

Effective Business Intelligence (BI) systems enhance decision-making so that you can make better business decisions faster. A well-designed and high-performing business intelligence system enables your staff to spend less time scrambling to create reports and more time drawing real insight from the data you already own.

StatSlice clients benefit from:

  • A single, extensive view of the enterprise by combining data from different corporate sources
  • Trend comparison and benchmarking by maintaining easy access to historical data
  • “One version of the truth” across the enterprise through effective data modeling and centralized business rules and calculations.
  • Tactical and strategic statistics across business units, product families, etc. through rich, aggregated views of data

StatSlice consultants push beyond faster and cheaper ways of doing wiz-bang, drill-down reports. We address the efficiency of the overall data design, reliability of data transfer, and integrity of the data viewed. Without these additional considerations, our clients are looking at stale, unreliable data through those same flashy reports.

The mechanics of our business intelligence consulting offering, Strategic Data Services, involve enhancing the decision-making “data stream” in three areas:
  • Data Warehousing – data warehousing and data governance
  • Analysis – business calculations, predictive analytics, and data mining
  • Delivery – dashboards and reporting interfaces

  • Categories