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Dashboards, Analysis Tools and Reporting Interfaces

The final component of a solid analysis and reporting system is the end-user reporting interface. Tool sets providing easier-to-use plus richer interfaces are now commonplace throughout the enterprise. One of the most prevalent, a reporting dashboard or business scorecard, is a useful way to organize visibility into important business metrics in a single place. Dashboards are typically available through a Web browser providing immediate, around-the-world access. Generally, the user interface is similar to an automobile’s dashboard, designed to be easy to read and support fast decision-making.

Delivery includes dashboards, analysis tools, and reports

Dashboards are key components in a CPM (corporate performance management *) framework. But CPM is more than a dashboard full of gauges and charts. It is a comprehensive program that ties the corporate strategy to each business function’s core processes and activities. Through integrated planning, budgeting, reporting and analysis capabilities, CPM allows the business to be “run by the numbers” where metrics drive key management decisions.

CPM exposes strategy throughout the entire organization, transforming it into actionable metrics along the way. As a result of this transformation, CPM exposes cause-and-effect relationships throughout the business for the benefit of strategic, operational, and transactional decision makers.

StatSlice consultants have developed the dashboards and reporting interfaces for CPM programs in several different industries. Let their experience help you implement a successful CPM program at your company.

* – CPM is sometimes referred to as BPM (business performance management) or EPM (enterprise performance management). They are different names, but they all refer to the same kind of framework.

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