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StatSlice Partners with XLCubed

March 25, 2011 – StatSlice announces a new partnership with XLCubed to provide consulting, training and implementation services on the XLCubed product set.

With extensive experience building data warehouse and business intelligence assets for a wide range of companies and industries, StatSlice consultants will provide customers with powerful views of their company data, leading to improved efficiencies and insights in day-to-day and strategic decision-making.  XLCubed offers a sophisticated set of data visualization and analysis functionality which can be exploited with the optimal data warehouse and business intelligence system designs that StatSlice has built its reputation on.

Founding StatSlice partner Jared Decker commented: “XLCubed is a compelling offering for companies wishing to provide a reporting and analysis solution which builds extensively on both Excel’s native capabilities and user knowledge while providing a mechanism for disseminating views of data, created in Excel or otherwise, to the rest of the organization via a web-based, zero footprint platform.  We are pleased to provide our customers with this unique business functionality, implemented on which StatSlice built its standards of quality.”

Gary Crawford, COO of XLCubed Limited, commented on the new partnership: “To get the most from XLCubed customers need a well-designed cube environment which is tailored to the business need, and highly responsive. We’re delighted to partner with StatSlice to provide localized expertise to new and existing customers in Dallas and the surrounding areas.”

About StatSlice

StatSlice is a strategic data services consulting firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas specializing in data warehousing and business analytics. Strategic data services include the skills, processes, technologies, applications, and practices used to support business decision-making. We have built a highly dedicated consulting organization with a reputation for excellent customer service and measurable success in implementation. We hire top talent and promote an environment that encourages resourcefulness, innovation, and creativity without sacrificing measurable results. We stay on the cutting edge of the latest Business Intelligence (BI) challenges and principles to be the “go-to” team for the most challenging projects.  For more information please visit

About XLCubed

XLCubed is a business intelligence software and consulting services company based in the United Kingdom.  XLCubed’s software empowers the business user, and helps customers maximize their ROI on the Microsoft business intelligence stack.  Powerful analytics with sophisticated ranking and filtering, world class dashboards including in-cell charting, flexible cube-aware slicers, and an intuitive write enabled model for planning and budgeting applications turns Excel into a leading performance management tool, retaining Excel’s flexibility while removing the risks and pain of maintenance.

Organizations wishing to offer a widespread deployment of business intelligence across the enterprise can use the XLCubed Web Edition to publish zero footprint dashboard views created in the Excel client with 100% fidelity.  Web reports remain data connected to their underlying data sources and are fully interactive, allowing end-users to drill-down and slice and dice business data.  For more detail see

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