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The good thing about traveling instead of plans is you do not have tip the place you could end right up going second

The good thing about traveling instead of plans is you do not have tip the place you could end right up going second

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It generated experience geographically and i just heard good things regarding they. Certain accounts was indeed very eager which i need to have started careful of its truthfulness.

Alternatively, We felt everything and you will was expecting an area where in actuality the stunning lady on the planet walked doing nude and you will would not wait for me soulmates hesap silme to-arrive. A local that never ever slept and you will is actually the focus from South Western nightlife. A location having crisp air, a great amount of environmentally friendly place and you will super-productive public transportation.

We recognize in order to a bit exaggerating truth be told there (I did not very predict super-effective trains and buses), but it’s a fairly real malfunction of photo you should have formed regarding Medellin for many who read the membership I did.


Very first something basic. It’s true – Medellin has some of the most breathtaking people on the planet. Same as Berlin, London, Budapest or one large area do. But after 1 month out of life indeed there, I question one Medellin has a top proportion away from breathtaking female than nearly any other city of their size. I select a few reasons why this could are a extensive idea though.

  • The real difference from neighbouring Ecuador (and most different countries) is hitting. Very Colombian ladies have very curvaceous numbers and desire to wear gowns in order to complement so it. A few of them take it with the tall and it’s really hard to walk by them as opposed to turning a head.
  • Medellin falls under new paisa social area. Just what wikipedia will not tell you, but residents informed me, is that paisa lady believe always searching stunning certainly the main duties. Usually dressed making right up so they may go in order to the fresh opera with the a beneficial 5 minute find, he’s some a spectacle. When gringo Joe observes a couple of him or her revealing the same region truck, the guy has the perception that feamales in the metropolis search by doing this and encircles telling people. That is what I did so in the 1st month.
  • It’s ideal for team. Everyone in the tourist community attempts to make the most of Medellin’s erotically overcharged visualize. Actually accommodations focusing on household. Perhaps they guarantee father makes the last telephone call.
  • Gringo males plus wish believe that females within the Medellin try effortless. Yes he or she is in a manner that women in almost any country are generally finding overseas guys. It’s probably a keen evolutionary instinct to produce most readily useful offsprings which have an effective much more varied gene pool (or have always been I becoming naive right here?). But most ladies inside Medellin wouldn’t go to bed with only anybody after a couple of products. Actually, my personal restricted experience reveals on the other hand: the ladies off Medellin be more than just decent.

Thus while I shall accept one to men motorists will bring about a major accident in Medellin due to a rapid lapse of attention compared to state Quito, I shall also add your gorgeous and you will trusted ladies to the environment matter is actually a myth.


This isn’t a misconception, the individuals out-of Medellin, both males and females, is contrary to popular belief amicable and you may beneficial. I often wanted tips and if they noticed I didn’t know their tips, many in reality went me to my interest.


We lived-in Envigado, that is among the many safest areas of the city. It is like a little city, since it is. Otherwise are, up until it had been ingested from the Medellin throughout the 70s. There are some other elements of the town that will be perfectly secure, nevertheless main urban area are a big disappointment personally. Through the, more prestigious squares was overtaken by herds from drunks and you may the kind of people that make us feel risky. Frequently, the latest north a portion of the town is also greatest stopped just after ebony.

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